I remember being incredibly impressed with this song when I first heard it as a single a month or two before the album came out. At the time Tyler was never an artists I kept my eye on but this song really grabbed my attention. I was and still to this day blown away by tyler’s ear for production. The first part of 911/mr. Lonely sounds like something that came out of the dance club area in the 70s. Tyler is definitely one of the most underrated producers of the decade. The song has such a wonderful vibe that takes over its listener. A song about unrequited love and dealing with the loneliness that comes with it. You get the sense throughout the song Tyler genuelly wants to be with a certain someone who makes it all worth it. Tyler shows masterful songwriting with his play on words with using the phone as allegory to explain his yearnings and desires to connect with this lover who won’t give him the time of day. Steve lacy’s short verse comes insisting for the unrequited lover to call tyler back because he knows he will pick up the phone. Why waste time on a person who won’t even find the time to call you back? that type of love is incredibly toxic and manipulative with one person putting all their energy into a relationship with the other person reaping the benefits not giving anything back That type of love is incredibly toxic and manipulative with one person taking the energy from one person and not giving anything back.

The telephone beeping at the end of the first verse was an amazing way to transition the mood and production of the song. The background vocals of the guys confessing that their loneliness wonderfully signifies that no one can escape from the cruel grasp of loneliness not matter how hard you think you are. Tyler’s background vocals chastising and questioning for thinking that this was something that should be shared or talked about. This especially directs to men who often stereotyped as hard, violent and can often be seen as scary Individuals. (This could not be further from the truth). In the second verse we have tyler going introspective rapping about how the loudest in the room is the loneliest (I say the loudest in the room Is prolly the loneliest one in the room (that’s me)) which almost seems to be a Tyler’s trying to show how is eccentric personality is possibly a cry for help. Tyler mentions how the material wealth is only serving as purpose of filling a void in his life. Tyler goes on to to explore the idea that maybe he’s part of the problem of not having being in a real honest mature relationship before. ( I never had a pet, that’s where it stems from I bet). Unrequited love is heartbreaking, to love and care about someone so much but for no return. Mr. lonely/911 is a message to those stuck in a relationship like this to get out and also as a warning to for many who have never experienced such a thing to stay away from the possibility of the experience

Takeaway: Find a relationship, romantic or otherwise, that you can sort out this week by giving that person a call.